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How we attended ACE Conference in Krakow

At Code-on we strive to learn new technologies and stay aligned with the web trends as much as possible. One of the things that boosts up our skills and our team in tackling possible issues is simply attending a web conference. Besides free coffee (and we are keen on good coffee, which helps us stay energised) and networking opportunities, web events offer various sessions and workshops which help web-development companies and agencies in a long run.

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In May 2019 we participated in the 10th edition of infamous ACE Conf in Krakow, which is one of biggest and influential web conferences in Central Europe. So, what was so good about it?

Empathy at work, increasing agility and human centered design

Since the first edition ACE Conf has received a lot of positive feedback. Year after year the organisators picked out the hottest topics, the speakers raised highly important questions and issues and engaged with the participants in each way possible.

The key focus of the 10th edition was the improvement of the organisational processes within an IT company. An essential but not evident part of good organisation is treating your colleagues (and customers) with empathy, which was discussed by fantastic Sharon Steed, a Keynote expert in Organisational Culture. She shared her experience of creating a truly collaborative environment, explained how mistreatment affects productivity and motivation at work and gave us tips on how to be more empathetical not just at workplace, but also outside of the office.

Enterprise Lean Coach Jess Long opened up our eyes on the the Agile Mindset. It can be driving towards continuous improvement in the web development, but also can be a reason of regular failures, once we become Agile. How to improve the organisation and avoid failures? How to adopt the new processes correctly? Jess helped us greatly to understand the values and principles of Agile better during a workshop. We teamed up, tackled some of the best impediments and helped each other to create a theoretical product as a team. That truly motivated to get back to real work environment and create a success story.

Open space sessions

The best idea the organisators came up with was offer us an opportunity to speak up and have our very own sessions. Issues you are struggling with? Willing to figure out the solution? Or just feel that you are at least not alone with it? Raise up your hand and speak.

Each volunteer could register a session and whoever wanted could join, listen and engage in discussions with a other fellow colleagues. We shared our expertise and learnt from other and our personal experiences how to work with a remote team efficiently, how to properly communicate with clients and set common grounds for better end results. This was truly an insightful hands-off experience you can't get in any online course. And a great way to get in touch with IT firms from all over the world!

Understanding customer needs as a Designer

Another training our Designer has gotten in a workshop was organised by Sabre, a leading technology solutions provider in travel industry.

Their team of UX designers and a Scrum Master helped our Designer to go through the full cycle process from listening to a user's problem, find out and define means of dealing with it and come up with the most suitable solution fitting the needs of the user.

So, it was worth it?

Totally. UX events are one of the best ways to learn User Experience, boost your skills and expand your network with professionals that share the same passion. And it is simply fascinating to meet people who love the Web just as much as we do!

Not only is it important to get in touch with the conference participants, but also with the speakers when they are off stage. We talked to experts from Keynote, Adobe, HSBS and many others and learned quite a few interesting insights.

"Commit yourself to lifelong learning...", and that is probably what we believe delivers the highest value.