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A webdesign agency for over 10 years

Onno, business manager of Code-on, is a philosopher by training. He taught himself to program and started Code-on in 2006, initially as a freelancer. At that time he mainly worked for marketing agencies that had no developers of their own. Onno tackled all kinds of small and medium sized projects with enthusiasm and drive.

Around 2008 Vitaliy joined our agency as an extra freelancer, upon which we decided to turn Code-on into a BVBA in 2010. By now Code-on has grown into a close-knit, not-too-big team of skilled web developers who are eager to get to work on any interesting project.

And interesting projects we have done indeed! To name a few: a Digital Signage project working with 700 Raspberry PI was deployed that had to be controlled. Or making a political social network for sp.a (Vooruit) and building an MVP web application for Bekaert. We have clients in Silicon Valley, New York, the Middle East and South Africa. In short, the past 10 years have been super challenging and we have successfully completed many projects.

Today we focus mainly on further improving the quality of our services and providing all-round service. Above all, we have learned one thing. Our customers need to be confident that we will be there for them not only today, but also tomorrow and next year, so that the software they use can always help them further. The strength of Code-on is that we take care of the complete process for the client: from website to backend, and on top of that expertly help them think through the desired strategy...!

Our values

As a webdesign partner, we are always ready.

You are not just a customer but a partner. We want to help you with our knowledge and expertise. That's why openness in communication is everything to us.

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    Minimal viable products, design, wirframes, bedenken, overleggen, het zijn allemaal middelen die ons samen helpen op de weg naar het einddoel.

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    We werken steeds naar budget en vermogen maar zullen altijd een werkend product bouwen. Ongeacht de grootte van het project en het budget.

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    Out of the box

    We geloven dat oplossingen out of the box mogen zijn. We zijn niet bang van iets uit te proberen om te zien of het beter werkt en te leren van fouten.

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    We houden ervan te leveren binnen budget en termijn.

Your success is our success. We don't see a good website or application as a product but as a service we provide. Developing this is a process and Code-on is committed to doing this together and put our advice and expertise to work.

Onno Timmerman CEO

Our Team

Our team has many years of experience and always works with various technologies to achieve the goal. We have everything in place to make your project a success.

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- Project Manager
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- Lead Developer
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- Senior Webdeveloper
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- Senior Webdeveloper
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- Senior frontend developer
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- Expert dog and meditation