sp.a Social network for a political party


Any political party is constantly evolving and changing throughout time. Nowadays changes often mean representing political ideas and sharing those views online.

In 2005 sp.a, a political party in Belgium, addressed to code-on with a request to build an online platform for the party's members and it's followers.

The result was a complete solution to the party's needs - a complete social network with built-in integrations with other networks and various modules, such as newsletter builder, analytics tool and many more.


Django, Python, API


UX design, management, back-end, support


New look and feel

In the beginning of 2018 due to rebranding of the party we were challenged to remake the frontend of the website entirely to fit the new image. We managed to effectively introduce the social network redesign in a limited amount of time.



We offer our client a rapid, yet quality front-end development with micro-interactions, necessary for a smooth experience within the network


Web development

As any project evolves and grows - the more complex it may become. No matter how many features it is needed to implement, it's also important for us to keep the website stable and working flawlessly.


The main goal of the website for sp.a was to help the party develop their political force by presenting and promoting the party itself and its members online. It is supposed to be one of the ways to encourage voters interest in general and participate more in a political activities and events.

Just like in any social network, users get their social profile, can like and share posts, as well as comment articles. It's also possible to follow particular departments or politicians and get updates in the personal feed. Each department has it own management tools to promote the idea's of sp.a

Code-on provides continuous support and development to improve the current website and build new functionality to fulfil the party's needs.


Newsletter module

One of the ways to reach out to a bigger audience and keep the followers in a loop is sending out newsletters. Code-on integrated a custom-made module especially for this purpose. Over 200 department are able to personally compose their own newsletter, including the last articles, upcoming events and petitions. The module allows to schedule date and time of sending a newsletter, as well manage the subscribers.


Article builder

Social networking is not only about liking, sharing and commenting. For a political party it's also a great tool to easy and quickly communicate news and inform the followers about the latest events . Therefore, we integrated an article builder, based on the CMS principle. Posting articles, events or petitions was never that easy!

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