Since Code-on's lead developer is the creator of the open source package Django Ninja, we are the perfect partner for consulting and programming assignments with Django. We already developed several large projects with this API builder. Meanwhile we are getting help from all over the world to further develop this open source package.

What is Django Ninja?

Django Ninja is a web framework for building APIs with Django. It is inspired by Fast API which uses the same principles. The big difference, of course, is that with Django Ninja you can use the Django Framework.

Why Django Ninja for your API?

  • Easy: Django Ninja is easy to use
  • Fast implementation: Django Ninja is super fast thanks to Pydantic and async support
  • Fast to code: thanks to the type hints and automatic API documentation you can fully concentrate on the business logic
  • Standards: Django Ninja follows open standards: Such as OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) and JSON schemas
  • Django Friendly: It is fully integrated into Django, the best web development framework
  • Production ready: Code-on and many other companies use Django Ninja to build their API

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Code-on and Django Ninja expert consulting

Our lead developer Vitaliy is the initiator of Django Ninja. Through it, Code-on sponsors the development of open source tools that many companies worldwide build their infrastructure on. Today Django Ninja already has 30+ contributors and 2000+ stars on Github. We also think that this more modern way of creating APIs will eventually replace the fantastic Django Rest Framework. The latter has been the standard way to build an API in Django for many years. Code-on has thus created several projects with the Rest Framework. Nevertheless, we decided to build all our future APIs with Django Ninja. This has become a lot more intuitive.

Support us with web development work

Please support us and the further development of Django Ninja by assigning interesting projects to us. This way we can give lasting attention to this open source project.

Django had need for a more modern approach for creating API. Inspired by Pydantic and FastAPI I created Django-Ninja as an open source tool.

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Vitaliy Lead developer Code-on