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Husky is a digital platform that helps marketing teams, large and small, manage strategic and operational marketing data. The result? A better overview of projects and their outcomes, better communication with colleagues, a complete marketing department and more efficient self-organization.

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Roeland Language Camps

Roeland Language Camps is a nonprofit organization that organizes language camps for young people. Every year thousands of children enjoy such a language holiday. Code-on makes the software to manage this.


Lago water parks

Lago is the reference for tropical swimming pools and city-managed Olympic swimming pools in Belgium. This growing organization boasts top quality infrastructure with pools in locations that welcome many thousands of visitors per day. For this, Lago needed a CMS management tool that was up to the challenge. We therefore chose Python and Django as the ideal customized environment.


Screen Flanders VAF

Screen Flanders is the first point of contact for questions about the realization of audiovisual creations in the Flemish Region (Belgium). It offers financial support. Code-on was asked to design and build the website for this.

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Ghent Guides

Gentse Gidsen is a guide organization for which we developed a total custom solution. With more than 100 guides and many thousands of tours per year Gentse Gidsen needed a solution for the daily management of their organization. Therefore Code-on made a complete ERP system with an e-commerce website.



Eguide was created for guide organizations. It is a complete administrative tool that lets guides schedule their availability as well as book tours through various channels.


Vizit Guide Organization

Code-on made a complete system and website for this guide company. The system has to schedule guides, work with restaurants and meticulously plan when a group arrives at a stop.

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For Wintersport, Code-on coded an e-commerce solution that targets families and large groups who want to book a ski vacation. Each member of a group can choose the number of travelers they want to pay for. Just for themselves? For two people or for an entire group of 10 travelers? This platform makes it all possible. is attractively designed, user-friendly and gives its customers complete freedom in booking. Code-on is the partner in developing and expanding the site.


Steen Foodmasters

Steen Foodmasters is a B2B supplier of food. Code-on built the website and B2B webshop.

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Travel Guarantee Fund

GFG is a website developed with Wagtail. We built the website from the ground up with clear objectives. The website had to be point of contact for 2 target groups: affected travelers and travel agents. The back office has a management module to streamline data from the travel agencies.



Speelpunt is a unique and adventurous indoor playground in West Flanders for children up to 14 years old. Code-on designed and built the CMS with wagtail.


Leasinvest & Nextensa

This listed company needed a complete remake of its website.

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Mijn maatwerk

Mijn maatwerk is a website built for a startup that builds custom cabinets. The owners created their own 3d model to configure cabinets, but needed Code-on's help to connect the website to the web shop portion.



Cyrias is a web application that helps to create a cyber risk assessment report for industrial complexes. It identifies possible problems for the management of these companies


Digital signage with Raspberry Pi

For an unnamed chain, we have created software where 700 Raspberry Pi are responsible for advertising movies and putting menus on screens

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Dessomville B2B webshop

Dessomville is een B2B leverancier van etenswaren