SEO is primarily about creating quality content.


SEO (search engine optimization) sometimes seems like a magic word. But what exactly is SEO and how can you use it to score on the Internet?

Well, Google and other search engines try to understand the Internet - including your website. To do that, they look at the structure of the website: titles, urls, meta title, bold, italic. Google looks at what words are used and how they fit semantically into your website structure. This gives the search engine a good idea of what the site is all about. Remember, however, that Google's AI is doing this. Therefore, you should think carefully about what words you use and where you place them. This can help the AI make the text more understandable.

But beware. Google AI can nowadays see very well when texts are not written for your target audience. So be careful and don't write texts to please the Google AI but write mainly for your target audience and don't use old and wrong tricks like keyword stuffing and other less good practices that in the long run will have a negative impact on your website ranking. Always remember that Google updates and improves its engine every year. Tricks that work today can be punished mercilessly tomorrow and cause you to drop in the Google ranking.
Therefore, always write for your audience and work with the web designer to come up with a good structure for your website. Always make sure that you regularly create quality content, that will be the most rewarding in the long run.

Rule of the thumb: what your target audience likes, Google will also like. For example, a fast loading time of the page, a clear structure etc.. We are happy to help you create editorially high-quality content for your website.

Technical SEO Optimization

In addition to writing SEO driven content, you also have technical SEO. Code-on makes sure that the website we create is technically fully compliant for a good SEO experience. That means we take care of the right meta title and with description fields, the H1, Server Side Rendering (SSR) in case of headless CMS, page structure, where needed, Google webmaster tools, canonical links, social media fields, alt attribute for images, page speed, Google lighthouse analysis, and SEO scan for possible forgotten issues on the website.

It is always a challenge to optimize your website, but you can rest assured that we will provide you with an excellent SEO experience. And why not partner with us for regular content updates on your website?

SEO service


Wagtail lends itself perfectly to SEO


We build websites headless. That means that with Vue and Nuxt your website will be super fast


Our experienced copywriter can edit or rewrite all your texts

Structuur optimaliseren

We make sure the HTML structure is optimal

Thanks to, your website becomes even clearer to Google


We analyze together what words you are found on and optimize this even further

Content is king. It used to be said: who writes, stays, now it's: who writes, is found. I would be happy to review your texts and, based on my journalistic background, write about a variety of topics

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